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Can you believe how fast this year is flying by?  This year I have my family on my mind.  And, I'm trying to create a better balance between home and work life.  That's hard for someone who has a love of music like I (we) do.  I'm also very excited about the new arrangements I have for popular music from the 70's-90's.  It is so fun to perform these tunes with our own spin on them. I love getting inspiration from around the country and I'm hoping that I'll be inspired to create in our travels this year.  I'll share some of of our personal travel pics, etc. later in the year.  That said, we'd love to see you more.  If you have a favorite venue in which our jazz/blues/jazz-infused popular music would go over well please message me and let the manager know that you'd love to see us there. Most managers do listen to their customers.  We hope to see you in our travels.  So get out there and enjoy life!  Listen to our tunes!  And, live it up!   


Here's what happening in our Senior Living Communities:


The month of April will be a fun, upbeat month.  We will be "Remembering the 50's & 60's with our communities and even having a few Prom Nights for our seniors.   If you aren't completely booked up for April then we hope you'll keep us in mind for your special event.  May is our month for recharging our batteries and finding inspiration in attending musical events, art functions and finding new and fun music to share later in the year.  June will approach and when it does we will be sharing jazz standards and new arrangements of popular music with our jazz flair.  Definitely, keep us in mind if you are interested in booking a "happy hour" event as this music pairs up perfectly.  You can even add a little artwork and SHAZAM! It's an Art & Jazz Happy Hour.  Families love to see the new art their loved one's are creating. 


We work with many venues and some include Independent living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Nursing home residences. This year a few of my favorite people were called home, but just like when my Granny was called home...I made a promise to keep the music playing for all those who still need me and my friends to sing to them. It is in their memory that we continue to share music with our elders.  And, maybe--just maybe those who have gone on before will be watching over us keeping us busy making smiles and keeping us safe. The year 2017 will be the distinctive year that we will spend time encouraging others to celebrate our aging seniors for their lives spent loving and nurturing and for their wisdom.


As of November 2016, All of our albums are available for purchase digitally through Amazon, CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more! You can even contact me and I'll send a CD via USPS.  We are very proud of the CDs that we've made and hope that you will enjoy every minute of them. Remember they really do make great gifts and you are helping us keep the music playing too. Check out our CDs on our Audio page.


Thank you for all of your show of support and love in 2016 and we most certainly hope to see you on the road in 2017.  Stay tuned! And, be sure to find us and fan us or like us on Facebook (Sandy Nitch Music) or Reverbnation (Sandy Nitch).  You can also find us on youtube and twitter.  A like, fan, tweet of goodness can mean more than you know!



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