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Well....the Summer is upon us and things are heating up nicely.  Mike and I had a great time this last month during our travels.  We spent some time in Pennsylvania turkey hunting and visiting with friends.  We also visited the Laurel Caverns and I must say it was beautiful there.  We also spent time with Mike's family while we were there.  I absolutely love these folks.  And, I'm trying to convince Kenny, our cousin-in-law, to work on a Gospel album with me.  How much fun would that be?  I'm excited just thinking about it.  



Next, we traveled by train from Connellsville, Pennsylvania to Chicago, Illinois.  We were met there by an old friend of Mike's that he had not seen in 30 years, Steve Hamman.  He gave us a wonderful tour of Chicago.  I told him that he has missed his calling as he is definitely the best tour guide that I have ever had.  We went to the top of the old "Sears Tower" now called the "Willis Tower" and the view there was just amazing!  Then we toured the Federal Reserve and stopped for lunch in downtown Chicago at Washburne Cafe that is run by the Culinary Students from City College.  They had the best steak tacos and coconut macaroons I have ever had! After a full day in Chicago we headed out on the Amtrak Southwest Chief with a final destination of Kingman, Arizona.  We saw all of the countryside in between Chicago and Kingman.  What a wonderful way to see the United States.  If you aren't on a strict time schedule then this is the way to go.  We saw herds of antelope in Colorado, a snow storm in Arizona, wild turkey in Kansas, and so much more.  What a blessing to have had this opportunity.  We ended our trip by renting a car and driving down to Las Vegas, Nevada and then to Pahrump where we spent time with friends.  We couldn't have asked for a greater vacation.  I did perform a few times while on vacation.  It was with some great friends and oh, did we have fun!




Here's what happening in our Senior Living Communities:


July is our Summertime Series.  We will be performing our "Chill in Brazil" trademark shows (perfect for the rainy Summer afternoons or a crisp Fall evening), Patriotic music and music that was made popular during the summer over the decades. 

If you aren't completely booked up for July and August then we hope you'll keep us in mind for your special event.  Definitely, keep us in mind if you are interested in booking a "happy hour" event as this music pairs up perfectly.  You can even add a little artwork and SHAZAM! It's an Art & Jazz Happy Hour.  Families love to see the new art their loved ones' are creating. 


We work with many venues and some include Independent living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Nursing home residences. This year a few of my favorite people were called home, but just like when my Granny was called home...I made a promise to keep the music playing for all those who still need me and my friends to sing to them. It is in their memory that we continue to share music with our elders.  And, maybe--just maybe those who have gone on before will be watching over us keeping us busy making smiles and keeping us safe. The year 2017 will be the distinctive year that we will spend time encouraging others to celebrate our aging seniors for their lives spent loving and nurturing and for their wisdom.


As of November 2016, All of our albums are available for purchase digitally through Amazon, CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more! You can even contact me and I'll send a CD via USPS.  We are very proud of the CDs that we've made and hope that you will enjoy every minute of them. Remember they really do make great gifts and you are helping us keep the music playing too. Check out our CDs on our Audio page.


Thank you for all of your show of support and love in 2016 and we most certainly hope to see you on the road in 2017.  Stay tuned! And, be sure to find us and fan us or like us on Facebook (Sandy Nitch Music) or Reverbnation (Sandy Nitch).  You can also find us on youtube and twitter.  A like, fan, tweet of goodness can mean more than you know!



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